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🍏 GreenBites is the first-ever, all-in-one, smart food app 📱 - powered by Artificial Intelligence.

📸 Just snap receipts. Make lists. And, 👥 invite your family!

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Just add your food items. And, get access to ...


▪️ 350,000+ 🥗 SmartRecipes with built-in calories & macros logging

▪️300,000+ 🍏 products in our 📗 nutrition database 

 ▪️♻️ Food waste tips for virtually all 🥬 produce, 🍊 fruits and 🍗 meats

▪️ ⚠️ Food recall alerts for just the items in your kitchen

▪️🛒 Smart, shareable grocery lists & more!

Ratings and Reviews


Packed with many features

This app comes with everything I need for my kitchen. It’s like 3-4 apps packed in one - highly intuitive, simple, and just what I need for my kitchen. I guess I like one single app instead of many apps that often just do bits and pieces what this app does instead. The nutritional information, food storage tips and guidelines for perishables that are super helpful. The information is very educational as well, certainly helped me save food waste at home, and save money in the process. The recalls feature is highly relevant for my kitchen. It has smart shopping lists too which are quite intuitive. The list can be shared with others which is pretty helpful.


Easy to Use, Great App!

Love this app for keeping track of the food in my kitchen. I just take pictures of my grocery receipts, and it saves that food information. It helps me keep on top of my grocery list for the week and lets me know if any of the food I purchased has a recall on it, which is great to know! It also helps me reduce food waste. Simple and easy to use!

Avinash Rajeev,

Easy to use and manage😃

Tips are really innovative and smart way of organizing things!